Saint Patrick's Day

What do you call an Irishman who's not allowed to drink on St. Paddy's Day?



It’s my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  By far.  Better than Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and even Independence Day (although that one is a little closer)

And me, I have to sit on the sidelines.

I was the one thinking way ahead (sarcasm coming) and scheduled a minor procedure that day.  And what did the doctors say to me?  “No drinking for the rest of the day.”  My family’s response?

“You need to reschedule your procedure.”

They really said that…  Oh how proud I am of my Irish family…

But I’m going to make up for it.  Big time.

In July, I’m checking off an item from my bucket list.  I’m going with my dad and my siblings to Ireland.

It’s a big deal.  Why?

Because every generation of my family (originally “Hallissey”) since we came from Ireland (Kenmare to be exact) has gone back.  And my dad is turning 80…so I pretty much told my family we’re doing it.

So why am I writing to tell you this?  2 reasons actually.

  1.  It’s the #1 thing that I can’t wait to do!

    You see, I’ve wanted to do this since I was a kid.I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told stories of my dad taking my grandma (a first generation American) back to Ireland.  And to go there with all my brothers and sisters?It simply doesn’t get any better.

    2.  Some of what I have planned just seems IMPOSSIBLE.

For me, it’s not about just a trip.It’s about giving my dad something that he spent years trying to get, but couldn’t – firsthand details about our family tree – where they lived, original documents, meeting living family members, etc.

He was never able to do this.  And I know I ate at him...

I want this to be the greatest memory he ever had.  Ever.  And I have to do this from 5,140 miles and 8 time zones away.

But I’ve made the decision to get this done.

So what does this have to do with you?

A lot actually.

I want you to come along on this journey with me.  Unfortunately, this isn’t a literal invitation to hop on a flight with me.  But I want you to do what I’m doing.

You’ve ready plenty of emails from me and seen enough videos from me talking about how you can literally DESIGN YOUR LIFE.

And now I’m doing it again.  You see, my dad is turning 80 this year.  He might live to be 110 – but he might just live to be 80.  And I want to do something for him that really shows him how much I love him.  I want to do something that literally completes his life.  And I knew from the minute we started talking about what to do for his 80th birthday – THIS WAS GOING TO BE IT.

It’s your turn now.  It’s time to do it…NOW!

So pick something that you’ve always wanted to do – something that just seems impossible – and commit to doing it.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  But it does matter that you make the commitment to get started.

Come and join me!  It’ll be the greatest adventure you’ll have been on.

Talk to you soon,

P.S.  As a reward for making it this far, I want to tell you one of my favorite Irish jokes...

A man walks into a bar in Killarney and says to the bartender, "I'd like 3 pints of Guinness".  The man comes into the same bar everyday for a couple weeks, so the bartender tells him, "You know, the beers would be fresher if you ordered them one at a time."  The man says, "My brothers and I made a pact that if we couldn't drink together, we'd still set up drinks for each other".  So weeks go by until the man walks into the bar and says, "I'd like 2 pints of Guinness".  Everyone becomes silent and when the bartender brings him the beers, he says, "I'm sorry for your loss".  The man asks him, "What are you talking about?"  The bartender replies, "I'm sorry your brother died.  I'm sure he was a good lad".  The man replied, "My brother isn't dead.  I just got married to a Baptist and she made me give up drinking...but my brothers didn't."

Happy Saint Paddy's Day and Erin Go Bragh!



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