Exit Strategy

Get Out...Now!

Years go by before you know it. One day you're partying with your friends and the next day you're visiting their kids.

And making the same money you made years ago.

What happened to your dreams?

You don't want this to happen to you. I know because I've seen it more times than I can count.

What is your dream?

Whatever it is, you need to go after it.

Now. Don't wait.

If you're going to live the life you know you want -- the live you know you deserve -- you need to break …

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NETWORKING SERIES #1: Is Your Networking Not Working?

Tired of not getting the results you want at Networking Events?

Discover the easy way to be memorable and be someone they want to buy from.


Yesterday I decided to drop by my friend's networking group because I knew the speaker was going to be talking about "Effective Networking".

Sounds like it would be a fun topic to learn.  Nope.

I spent most of the time just shaking my head.

The guy presenting (who had the vocal cadence of Ben Stein) told us the following.  We needed to bring a pa…

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Saint Patrick's Day

What do you call an Irishman who's not allowed to drink on St. Paddy's Day?



It’s my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  By far.  Better than Christmas, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and even Independence Day (although that one is a little closer)

And me, I have to sit on the sidelines.

I was the one thinking way ahead (sarcasm coming) and scheduled a minor procedure that day.  And what did the doctors say to me?  “No drinking for the rest of the day.”  My family’s re…

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Do Have Be

Do you every feel like you're swimming upstream?  Like no matter how hard you try to achieve a goal, it just doesn't happen.

I can totally relate.  I've faced this my entire life.

Growing up, I was never the fastest, tallest, or smartest kid around.  But I was always expected to succeed one way or another.  So I figured out one way to get there.  Brute force hard work.  Practice longer, study more hours, do the dirty work no one else wanted to do.

So over the last 35 years, this has always …

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Thanks for investing with me

I have to admit.  It's my pet peeve.  OK, it really pisses me off actually.

When I was growing up, I always found myself comparing myself to other people.  And I always wanted more than anything to earn their approval.

Who didn't?

Now that's not really the case anymore.  When I made the decision to design my own life many years ago, it was really born out of the fact that I really loved not only the life I had but also the life that I couldn't wait to create.

This has a really cool side bene…

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[EPIC FAIL] The Stupid Tax strikes again


Well, sometimes no matter how hard you try, life manages to provide you with an expensive lesson.  And I am definitely no exception.

What is the "Stupid Tax'?  It's the price you pay (financial & otherwise) for doing something stupid.  You see, you have a choice.  You can either proactively avoid mistakes by investing the time and money to educate yourself or you can let the world do it for you -- and when it does, your wallet gets lighter and your life gets more inconvenient…

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Russell Brand

What I learned from Katy Perry's ex today.

I actually learned something awesome from a stand up comedian today.

Earlier today, I was watching this really cool documentary on the life of Russell Brand, from his time as a heroin addict to today where he's looking to take down the giants of corporatocracy.

I always liked the guy.  He was always funny and had a 100% unfiltered mouth, which I love.  (My dad nicknamed me "The Peanut Gallery" when I was a kid -- so I tend to get along with people l…

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Preconceived Notions

Think about the last time you were talking to a prospect and the conversation went nowhere.

No matter what you said, no matter how great your product was, no matter how hard you tried, they were just intent on putting up a wall and no letting you in.

It happens a lot -- to a lot of people.  I know because it used to happen to me way more than it probably is happening to you.

No more.  The solution is really simple, but it's one that you've probably never noticed because it's right under …

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How to use FBI Hostage Negotiating to land more clients

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share an UNBELIEVABLE podcast I listened to this week.

This guy was a Hostage Negotiator for the FBI for 25 years.

But what I really want you to get from this is how to apply the techniques and principles that he shares about negotiating for people's lives -- and applying them to how you present to your prospects.

This is exactly what I teach about how to land more clients -- but not by "selling" to your clients but by employing very similar methods to what this g…

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Smoke Out The Gopher

How many times have you had someone you were sure would buy from you? Then the phone went silent. So what do most people do? They keep calling back, like a spurned lover, only to hear the customer say they are interested but having some vague reason why they can't do it now.

Honestly, that's pretty pathetic. In some states, they have a stalking law for that. Worse yet, they are taught that in training.


So how can you quickly tell whether or not your customer will buy from you?


Smoke out…

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