For more time than I can remember, it always seemed like an impossible task to cold call someone and get them interested in what I was selling.

I had no clue what to do -- so I tried doing what everyone around me was doing.

Epic fail.

Then I asked my trainers what they did.

They looked at me like I had 3 heads. (Only later did I realize that sales trainers almost always sucked at sales)

It wasn't until I spent some time with a couple guys named Diesel and Chupa that I found the answer w…

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I was sure had an easy sale coming.

I didn't do any of the "sales" stuff I was supposed to do, but they seemed ready to buy.

But they didn't.

In fact, just about every time they didn't buy.  I never understood why.

How could someone so seemingly interested just change their mind so quickly...and why did it seem to happen every time?

I figured people like this were just wishy-washy and that's why sales is hard.

But then after joining The Community, I finally realized it was actual…

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Who doesn't love referrals?

They should be the easiest sale to make.

Except when you're having a down month and the referral sale you thought was going to get your manager off your back ghosts you.

I had that happen more times that I can count.

I nuked my morale.

And the last thing I felt like doing was prospecting.

I kept thinking to myself...

What did I do so wrong to blow that sale?

I figured it couldn't be me -- it must've been just a bad referral.

But I had a wake up moment ye…

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Boyfriend Destroyer

This is seriously funny!

How many times have you run into someone that tells you they already have someone they're working with?

Seems like a dead end, huh?

Not even close.

Wish you could figure out a way to get past this...and sign them up.

Today is the day this turns around for you.

Today, you're going to discover the easy way anyone (yes, this means you) can steal someone's client right out from under them.

In about 3 seconds.

Click on the video above and I'll show you the complet…

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Compliance Tests

I didn't what that it would work.

I was hanging out at this rooftop bar with Diesel when he said something that shocked me.

He told me to tell this one girl to come over to our cabana.

I never met her.  She was a total stranger.

How was I supposed to do that???

Well, I totally forgot that he showed me how to do this over the last couple months -- only I didn't realize that.

Fast forward about 15 minutes.  That girl was had her around me at our cabana.

What does this have anything to…

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Last Minute Resistance


I thought the sale was mine.  I was wrong.

This happened more times than I could count.

I gave a killer sales presentation.  I built solid rapport.  I took care of every objection.  The guy told me he was ready to go.

And just before inking the deal, he told me he wasn't ready.


Where did that come from?

I was about to get out of my manager's doghouse and now I just wasted a good hour of my day.

What happened?

I never knew the answer to this...until I joined The Community…

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Cold Reading

OK, I lucked out.  Sorta.

The #1 reason people give salespeople objections doesn't have to do with anything you've ever learned in sales training.

It's simple.

They don't trust you.

There's no way around it -- once they've made the decision that they don't trust you.

Play the game like everyone else -- and walk away empty over and over again like everyone else.

But when you use a Cheat Code, you get to bypass the failure and the struggle -- and get all the sales everyone else is missin…

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